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2014 News

ASFA Top 20 2013

total competing: 
1 Catori FC Tadita Written In The Stars, LCM10,SC M.& J.Libersher 6 471 7 0
2 Scooter WGASA Scooter Pie O TNT, LCM D.& N.Ewing/L.& D.Richards 8 269 11 1
3 Tala FC Tadita Forever May You Run, LCM8,SC,CR,ARX M.& J.Libersher 6 258 1 0
4 Denali Resilience High Altitude, FCh L.Keyser 6 243 1 0
5 Caesar Do It Just A High Stakes Roller, LCM B.Hartle/C.Byrum 6 218 2 0
6 Dude FC Resilience High Expectations, LCM2,ARX,OTR,PR E.Feldheim 7 212 4 1
7 Fuzzy Whispers Fuzzy Navel, LCM3,VLCM,Can FChX D.McGowan/P.Munnikhuysen 9 193 4 0
8 Lucy BII,FC Shirri's Lucy, FCh,SC M.F.Miller 7 183 2 1
9 Cato Horsetooth Shanghai Tofu, FCh E.Feldheim 7 170 3 2
10 Chipper FC Shine WGASA Chips Ahoy, LCM7,SC D.& N.Ewing 8 165 4 0
11 Nado FC Tadita Born To Run, LCM4,SC M.& J.Libersher 6 163 2 0
12 Ripple Missjiffs Ripple Effect of PSF, LCM B.Klonowski/M.Johnny 6 146 3 0
12 Bravo Mia's Comet Bravo Ole, LCM3 P. & T.Haig DVM 7 146 1 0
14 Stryker Finghin Owrun's Noisy Cricket, LCM2 D.Duffert 5 136 3 0
15 Rene FC Terrena's Jambalaya On The Bayou, LCM,SC,PR,TRP D.Hanna 8 134 2 0
16 Toni RK Winning On Broadway, FCh C.& C.Lear 5 124 1 0
17 Talia HHHeartlandFerrariItaliaAtFaunwo, LCM M.E.R.Barry/K.Kleing 7 122 5 4
18 Briony Shannon Down Locked And Loaded, FCh L.Keyser 6 114 1 1
19 Ethel Les's Ethel, FCh M.F.Miller 7 113 2 0
19 Meadow Longrun's Moonlight Mile, LCM3,CR,OTRM,CD,RA,CGC A.Whitney 5 113 0 0


I want to announce that we have bred Catori to "Joey", Tru-Luv's Enjoy The Moment SC, ARX, NARX-4, DPCX, PR-8.  We are very excited about this breeding which should produce dual purpose puppies.  The sire, Joey, is owned by Jan Liscombe and Libby Rice.  Joey competed in CWA racing/conformation for the past two years and achieved his ARX, NARX-4, DPCX and PR-8.  He won a total of 8 meets, and was high combined racing and conformation 10 times.  Joey was the only dog in 2012 to be ranked in both conformation and racing, placing 3rd in both.

Jan now hopes to achieve Joey's AKC Dual Championship, and she started lure coursing with Joey in late 2013.  Joey is already major pointed in both coursing and conformation (after being shown only three weekends the past two years.)

If you are interested in a puppy from this breeding, please email me.  I prefer homes where the dogs will be naturally reared, meaning holistic health care and raw feeding.  There is a lot of information on my website about natural rearing, if you would like more details. Inquiries can be sent to me at : awhippetslife@yahoo.com

2013 News

We are excited to announce the plans for our second litter. We are planning on breeding "Catori" MBIF & MBIE FC Tadita Written In The Stars SC, LCM-9 at the end of 2013. We have not decided on a stud dog yet, but will posted as soon as we decide. Please contact us if you are interested in this litter.

2012 News

We are tickled pink!! Catori pulled it off again. This is three years now at number 1. We are so proud of her. This is only the 2nd time a whippet has gotten number 1 three times and it is the first time a bitch has done this. Wow!! Also Nado and Tala are in the top 10 again for three years. Poor Tala would have been much higher this year; if not even in competition with Catori for number 1. Except Tala got hurt July 4th weekend, we did not realize how bad she had hurt her toe till September. She was still running strong and winning best of breeds, even with a blown tendon in her toe. Dr. Radcliff fixed up Tala's toe and she is recovering great. We will be running her again in 2013. We would like to thank all of our friends for their help and support. Also thank Dr Dan Beatty for keeping the girls Chiropracticly in shape.

ASFA Top Twenty 2012

total competing: 
1 Catori FC Tadita Written In The Stars, LCM8,SC M.& J.Libersher 6 292 6 0
2 Chipper FC Shine WGASA Chips Ahoy, LCM6,SC D.& N.Ewing 8 267 6 0
3 Hydrox FC Shine WGASA Hydrox Ltd Edition, LCM8,SC D.& N.Ewing 8 225 5 0
4 Boomer Comets Just Shoot Me at Mia, LCM T.Haig DVM/P.Haig/Pekarski/Peak 7 204 4 0
5 Bravo Mia's Comet Bravo Ole, FCh P.& T.Haig DVM 7 191 3 1
6 Denali Resilience High Altitude, FCh L.Keyser 6 186 0 0
7 Lucy Isen Dancing Dot, FCh,SC T.Borland/M.O'Neill 5 165 3 0
7 Nado FC Tadita Born To Run, LCM3,SC M.& J.Libersher 6 165 0 0
9 Serena FC Tru-Luv's Serena Wilyawin, LCM2 L.Rice 5 164 4 1
10 Tala FC Tadita Forever May You Run, LCM7,SC,CR M.& J.Libersher 6 159 4 0
11 Ripple Missjiffs Ripple Effect of PSF, FCh B.Klonowski/M.Johnny 6 157 4 0
12 Bailey Angel Speed Bailey, LCM2,SC P.Borland/D.Neilsen 5 155 3 1
13 Char FC Windnsatin Endless Endeavor To Remix, MC M.Childs/L.Richards 7 149 1 0
14 W Mia Comet Wham P.Haig/T.Haig DVM/Pekarski 7 139 4 0
15 Sparty KLH Spartacus Go Green, FCh R.& M.Spurbeck 6 134 1 1
16 Dude Resilience High Expectations, FCh E.Feldheim 7 124 3 1
17 Evan Brown FC Cherche' Worse Than Bonkers, LCM,RN,NA,NAJ,AN,ANJ A.Rapoport/C.Durance-Watikins   117 0 0
18 Oreo FC WGASA Oreo Dublestuf, LCM12,VLCM2,SC N.& D.Ewing Jr 8 111 2 0
19 Biz HH Nobiz Like Showbiz, FCh M.E.R.Barry/P.Ciccarello 7 109 2 0
20 Miles Whisper's Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, FCh T.Torrey/P.Munnikhuysen 9 102 3 1

2011 News

We are so proud of our girls. 
#1 Catori
#2 Tala
#4 Nado
#19 Carina 
(their momma, who is a Veteran)
To our best knowledge this is only the third time in ASFA that a whippet has went number 1 twice and only the third time that litter mates have went one and two. I don't know what to say, I can not believe all this. This litter has been incredible, we feel so blessed. The five puppies combined have achieve 17 LCM's in just 2 years of coursing. We would like to Thank all our friends, who have supported us and stood by us through all the tough times. Thank you everyone for all your support and help. I would like to give a special Thanks our dear friends at Shannon Down Whippets, Shannon and Krystal Lyons. We would like to thank Shannon for letting us breed to Bosley and for all her help and support. We would also like to thank Krystyl for all her help with our advertising. These folks are the best people to work with and to be friends with. Thanks for everything!!! We would also like to Thank our vet Dr. Daniel Beatty, who has helped us diagnose any injuries and helped us heal up our girls with his wonderful knowledge and his great Chiropractic skills. 

2010 News

Top 20 for ASFA 2010 is now posted, we are so proud of our 1st litter. Carina and Bosley have produced an absolutely wonderful litter. We could not be happier. Thank you Shannon Lyons for letting us use Bosley. Thank you Debbie and Lance Parravani for giving Takota and Cooper a wonderful home. All five  puppies from this litter have made it in the top 15, with our littlest girl Catori getting number 1.  Also 3 of the pups have also ranked in the Top 25 of AKC coursing. We would also like to congratulate all of the other Top twenty dogs. This is such a wonderful sport with lots of great competitors and a lot of wonderful friends. Special congrats out to Shannon Lyons with Bosley's other two pups Layla and Mya. Also to our good friends in region 6 Joe and Karen Shoemaker  and our friends in region 7 Les Pekarski, Todd Birchfield. Thank you Tom Haig for helping us out medically and congrats on Amy. Also to our friends Libby Rice and Candice Huzel congrats on your boys too. We would also like to congratulate the Ewings with on how wonderful their litter by Oreo has done, congrats on your top 20 placements. See everyone in the spring!!!!

ASFA Top Twenty 2010

1.Catori - FC Tadita Written In The Stars,LCM3,SC-M.Bernier/J.Libersher
2.Hydrox- FC Shine WGASA Hydrox Ltd Edition, LCM3,SC N.& D.Ewing Jr
3.Chipper- FC Shine WGASA Chips Ahoy, LCM2,SC- N.& D.Ewing Jr
4.Tala - Tadita Forever May You Run, LCM2,SC- M.Bernier/J.Libersher
 FC WGASA Oreo Dublestuf, LCM12,SC- N.& D.Ewing Jr
6.Everett- O'Run Wandering Oh Brother, LCM12,VFCh- R.& T.Birchfield/C.Owens
7.Takota - Tadita Wings of A Dream, FCh,SC - D.Parravani/M.Bernier
8.Double Shot- DC Andauer Double Shot Espresso, FCh,SC- C.& J.Shoemaker/F.D.Guest
9.Nado - Tadita Born To Run, LCM,SC- M.Bernier/J.Libersher
10.Amy- Wannago's-Mia Love On The Run, LCM3- P.Haig/T.HaigDVM/Peak/Pekarski
11.Mya- FC SDW Kismet Golden Colors, LCM,SC- S.& K. Van Voorhees
12.Biscotti- Shine WGASA Almond Biscotti, FCh- L.McMullin/S.Stretz 
12.Less- Comet's Little Less Of O'Run, LCM18- L.Pekarski/C.Owens
14.Tripp- Summit An American In Paris, LCM- C.Huzel/S.Vernon
15.Cooper - Tadita Running Down A Dream, FCh,SC,CR- D.Parravani/M.Bernier
16.Mark- Tru-Luv's Marquee Mark, LCM- L.Rice
17.Vienna- Shine WGASA Vienna Crème, FCh - J.McMullin/J.Stretz
18.Stryker- Finghin Owrun's Noisy Cricket, FCh -D.Duffert 
19.Solo- O'Run-Comet Solo, LCM6- C.Owens/L.Pekarski
20.Layla- FC SDW Kismet Can You Dig It?, FCh,SC- S.& K. Van Voorhees