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Our New Litter

Catori x Joey litter born February 20, 2014
4 puppies : 2 boys & 2 girls


Tru-Luv's Enjoy The Moment SC, ARX, NARX-4, DPCX, PR-8

MBIF/MBIE FC Tadita Written In The Stars SC, LCM-10

Litter Pedigree

I want to announce that we have bred Catori to Joey.  We are very excited about this breeding which should produce dual purpose puppies.  The sire, Joey, is owned by Jan Liscombe and Libby Rice.  Joey competed in CWA racing/conformation for the past two years and achieved his ARX, NARX-4, DPCX and PR-8.  He won a total of 8 meets, and was high combined racing and conformation 10 times.  Joey was the only dog in 2012 to be ranked in both conformation and racing, placing 3rd in both.

Jan now hopes to achieve Joey's AKC Dual Championship, and she started lure coursing with Joey in late 2013.  Joey is already major pointed in both coursing and conformation (after being shown only three weekends the past two years.)

If you are interested in a puppy from this breeding, please email me.  I prefer homes where the dogs will be naturally reared, meaning holistic health care and raw feeding.  There is a lot of information on my website about natural rearing, if you would like more details. Inquiries can be sent to me at : awhippetslife@yahoo.com

Catori and Joey are both CERF clear, BAER normal, Thyroid normal and OFA Cardiac normal.

Photos of Joey, click on photos to enlarge.

Catori's puppies have arrived!!!  Catori had to have a c-section on Thursday February 20, 2014 at 10:30pm.  She had 5 pups, but we lost one during surgery.  So we have 4 adorable little pups, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Both girls are black and white with split faces, one boy is black and white and the other I think is a dark charcoal blue. 

Catori did not feel well after the surgery, but it only took 12 hours for her to start to feel better.  She is being a great momma.  She stays with the pups 24-7, she will only leave the room to go potty.  We cannot wait to see how these pups look as they grow, we love them all.

View Puppy Photos
Newborns  |  1 week  |  5 weeks  |  7.5 weeks  |  10 weeks


Our Past Litter

Bosley x Carina litter whelped on November 1, 2008
5 puppies - 3 girls and 2 boys

FC Shannon Down Full Throttle V Kismet MC, FCh, WRCh, ORC

MBIF/MBIE FC Imani Shooting Star SC, LCM-9, VFCh, CR, NA, NAJ, NF

Carina is CERF, BAER and OFA Cardiac Normal
Bosley is CERF, BAER, OFA Cardiac ECHO Normal and Myostatin Deficiency N/N

View Puppy Photos
Day 1  |  Day 8  |  4 weeks  |  5 weeks  |  6 weeks  |  8 weeks  |  11 weeks  |  5 months  |  9 months  |  10 months  |  1st Birthday