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In Memory

March 15, 1990 ~ September 25, 2002

I got Fantasia at 4 months old.  She was a wonderful dog and she loved everybody. I showed her in agility and lure coursing. She was an undefeated dog for a little over a year. She earned an LCM and I was so proud of her. When she was 3, I had to retire her because she started to interfere with other dogs. We all miss Fantasia very much.

March 15, 1991 ~ May 1, 2001

Mariah was 3 months old when I got her.  She would play around with agility and lure coursing, but it was all a game to her. The only thing she took serious was the show ring, and she loved that.  She thought she was the most beautiful dog!  And I have to say that I agree, but then again she was my baby. Mariah just thought that her being here was enough to make everyone happy and she believed she had no other job. I miss her very much. She was my first Confirmation dog, was owner handled and finished with 3 majors. Judges did not like her in a small group as all her wins were big.

June 28, 1992 ~ April 14, 2008

In 1992 I decided I wanted another coursing dog and it seemed like a Whippet was the best choice. This is when I got my Choleena. She was the best dog ever. She excelled in so much.  She achieved a LCM3, AKC CD, UKC Agility ATCH title, her AKC agility novice, open and all but one leg on her excellent title. Choleena's career stop short because of a coursing injury.  I had to retire her at age 3. Choleena just passed away on April 2008 at age 16. I thought I would never get another dog that could compare to her and achieve so much. But god has blessed me again.

September 2, 1997 ~ July 2, 2003

Morgan was Jeff's Doberman.  She  had a lot of health issues caused by traditional medical treatment. Over use of steroid by her previous vet for allergy problems put her into auto immune failure. It was sad that we had to put Morgan to sleep at such a young age of only 5 years old, but she was so miserable. We tried holistic care and raw food for her during her last 6 months. This is how long she had lived with me, but the holistic vet said she was too far gone. We all loved you very much and we hope you come back to us some day.

August 1996 ~ November 2005

Ariana, my rabbit, and her good friend Choleena, my whippet. Ariana was the best rabbit ever!  She was very friendly and loved Choleena. She lived a long happy life till the age of nine.

My Morgan Mare

My beloved friend and companion passed away in February 2012.  I had Misty since 1995, she was a 3/4 Lippet Morgan mare.  I miss her so much.  I have gotten out of horses after my loss of Misty.