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Catahoula Dog Rescue - dogs already adopted


Hannah and Montana are brother and sister.  They arrived in foster care at 6 months old. They are both excellent dogs, and have been adopted. Hannah is living with a client of mine. They have a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, a Pug and Hannah. Her new family has 3 kids who adore Hannah. Thank you Kris, for giving Hannah such a good home. Hannah has been renamed to "Callie"


Sikoya is one of the first rescues we fostered along with her sister Roxy. Sikoya was with us for 6 months before we found her the perfect home that she deserves. Her and her sisters were starved and abused but it did not take long for them to learn to trust people again. These girls were wonderful dogs. Sikoya is now enjoying life with another Catahoula and 2 wonderful kids. Thank you Christa for provide Sikoya with such a wonderful home.


Catori is Sikoya's sister.  She is deaf in one ear. We found a wonderful home for Roxy after only 6 weeks. Thank you to Inga and Mark for giving Catori so much love.  We could not ask for a better home for her.  Inga has kept Catori on raw food and she is doing agility with her and as well as with her Border Collie Scout. Thank you again Inga and Mark! Catori has been renamed to "Roxy".


Montana is the dog that touched Jeff's heart the most.  Montana and Jeff were best buddies. Montana has a wonderful home with a vet and her family. They were looking for a play mate for their 5 year old little boy. Montana was glad to be that playmate. But Stinky the 14 year old Husky seems to be the most happy with her new playmate. Thank you Cathy for giving Montana so much love. Montana is going to be starting agility this winter.


Zoey is a 5 month old Catahoula Coonhound mix.  She should mature to around 45lbs. 

Zoey our sweet little baby girl has been adopted! We were looking for just the right person and found them.  Thank you Kelly and Andy for taking good care of Zoey. Thank you Bree, their Catahoula mix, for being Zoey's buddy. We are missing this crazy, high strung girl.


Dakota is Zoey's brother.  He is a very sweet boy who just loves to be around people. He has been adopted by a very nice family who has a little girl, Lilly ,and a Jack Russel terrier who is his best friend.


Sinatra was rescue by a young couple in Tennessee.  They kept him safe until Catahoula rescue could take him. Sinatra has been adopted by Paul and his Lab, Bailey.  Bailey and Sinatra are inseparable. Thank you so much Paul for giving Sinatra such a loving home. And thank you Debbie for fostering Sinatra!


Rue is adopted and living with a wonderful family with a stay at home mom and 2 kids who are so excited to have Rue.  Rue is a 6 month old Catahoula mix and should mature to around 30-35 LBS. Thank you Shannon for adopting Rue! And thank you Diana for fostering Rue.


Talize and her two brothers arrived to us at 5 weeks old very sick with pneumonia. They were missed diagnosed at first and we lost one pup after a week.  He died in my arms. It was a very sad day but luckily the other pups did not get as sick and are now doing great. We are so attached to Talize that after much thought we have now decided to adopt her!


Tarhee is Talize's brother.  He never got very sick at all.  He is very strong and healthy. He has been adopted by a wonderful family not too far from us. They have 5 boys and a cat. We are very happy to hear that they are planning on keeping Tarhee on raw food. Thank you Laura and Rich for adopting Tarhee. Tarhee has been renamed to "Charlie".


Teacup is a beautiful little female Catahoula pup who had won her foster parents hearts. Teacup has been adopted by a wonderfull family with 2 kids who love her to death. Thank you Scott and Stephenie for adopting Teacup whom they have renamed "Jiggy". Thank you Debbie for fostering Teacup.


Darla is Sikoya and Roxy's sister.  She has also been adopted by a family with two kids who adore her. Thank you Kelly for adopting Darla.  Kelly also has another Catahoula, Oscar, and the dogs are enjoying their play time in the acre sized yard. Thank you Diana for fostering Darla.


Lani is a Catahoula mix, although not sure with what.  She should mature to around 30-35lbs which is small for a Catahoula. Lani and her brother Wrigley are going to a new home together only after 2 weeks in foster care. Thank you Kathy for adopting boths these beautiful babies. And again, thank you Debbie for fostering Lani.


Wrigley is Lani's sister.  They have both been adopted by a wonderful couple in Chicago. They are so glad that they get to spend their lives together. Thank you Kathy and Craig for rescuing these two babies.  And thank you Debbie for fostering Wrigley. Wrigley has a new name, "Quigley".


Blue is Wrigley and Lani's litter mate. Blue's foster mom has decided to keep him. Good luck Debbie.  You finally got your blue eyed Catahoula!


Riley has been adopted by a wonderful family that is involved in 4-H.  He is 5 months old and he loves to be around his people. Thank you Diana for fostering Riley.


Grumen is 10 months old.  We rescued him for a kill shelter just in time.  His previous owners gave him and another dog up because they kept wondering off.  He left them at the shelter with a death sentence. Grumen is a wonderful dog and very happy. He loves everyone and everything. He has beautiful blue eyes. Thank you so much Felicite for adopting Grumen I know he will be happy! (Sorry for the bad picture-this is Grumen at the shelter I will post a new picture soon.)


Mariah is a beautiful blue patchwork leopard.  She is currently up for adoption . She is 5 months old; born May 8th 2008. She is very active and would love a forever family with another dog. She is good with all other dogs, cats and kids. She would be a great asset to any active family. I would like to thank Diana for fostering Mariah. Yeah!! Mariah has been adopted by a wonderful couple right before Thanksgiving. They really love her and she is doing great with their Shepard mix and their cat.


Briley is a very sweet trusting little 8 month old Catahoula pup. He was in a shelter in Indiana with a broken leg, we found a wonderful foster home for him with Karen and George. They fell in love with Briley after just a couple of days and offered to adopt him. This is an amazing story of true love a devotion to an animal that has crossed your path and choose you as his owner. I believe these soul were meant to met and be together. We can not thank Karen and George enough for all they have done and will continue to do for Briley. Briley will need to under surgery for his leg in a couple months and this is very major surgery costing around $3000. We as a Rescue have said we would pay for Briley's surgery and Karen and George have refused and told us to please spend the money saving other dogs. This is truely above and beyond there call, but Thank you so much. You truly are a blessing for Briley and the Rescue.


Buddy is a wonderful 18 month old male Catahoula. He is a Blue leopard with white trim and two glass eyes (blue eyes). Buddy had been living in a home in Tennesse, but his owners could no longer keep him because of the husband's new work schedule. Buddy gets along with and seems to like everyone including kids and other dogs.  He will make a great addition to someone's family.  Please consider adopting buddy. Thank you Janeen and Rich for fostering Buddy. Buddy has a wonderful new home in St. Louis with 2 other doggie friends. Thank you Sally and Steve for adopted Buddy.


Mira is a beautiful brindle catahoula mix, she is small only about 45lbs. She is good with other dogs big and small as long as they are not really dominate dogs. She is also really good with cats. She is housebroken and a very good house pet. If you are interested in adopting Mira please contact me. Thank you Diana for fostering Mira. Mira has been adopted, Thank you Kevin. She is getting very spoiled.


Cooper has just arrived in foster care after being in a shelter to months, his owners could know long keep cooper and blue and had to give them up. Cooper has a lot of energy and was having a hard time being locked up in the shelter. We are hoping he will blossom in foster care. He is good with other dogs and cats. He is a little underweight, but he should be about 55-60 pounds. He is 1 year old and has two blue eyes and a red leopard coat. Cooper has been adopted by a wonder family who own an Organic Dairy Farm, so Cooper gets to work all day but still hang out with the family in the home. He is in Heaven. Thank you Felicite for fostering Cooper!


Blue is Cooper's brother, these two handsome Catahoula grow up in a shelter. They lived their from 3 months till 10 months and the shelter could not find them a home, then we rescued them. Blue is quite different from this brother, much more laid back. Blue was adopted in the first week by his foster parents and they say you could not ask for a better dog. As you can see he is very happy and extremely handsome.


Kizzy is another Catahoula mix who lived in a shelter most of her life. She arrived at a shelter in Kentucky at 8 weeks and lived there for 5 months until we rescued her. We adopted Kizzy out in a couple weeks, she got a lot of attention here in the Chicago area. She is a wonderful dog, very loving and great with kids, cats and all kinds of dogs. Thank you Venessa for adopting Kizzy.


Maya was adopted at 4 month old from a wonderful family in Michigan. After Jennifer had Maya for a couple weeks, she noticed something was wrong with her hips. She took her to the vet and found out she had hip dyspaisa, Maya needed to have a surgery that cost over $2000. She also need the surgery right away that week, or they would have to wait till she was an adult. Maya's family loved Maya so much and are such wonderful pet owner, they desided to keep her and do the surgery. We have raise about a $1000 to help them cover some of their costs. But they were will to pay for it all even if we had on luck with our fund raiser. Thank you Jennifer, you an a blessing to Maya and Catahoula rescue.


Felicia was an owner give up, her mom lost her job and her house and could no longer keep Felicia. Felicia is a wonderful girl, a little timid and very sweet. Thank you Cassie for fostering Felicia and thank you Dana for adopting her.


Maverick was another owner give up, his mom adopted him thinking he was a Great Dane Pup, which he is not. She wanted a Great Dane and when she realized that was not what she had, then she did not want him. Thank you Beth for fostering and adopting Maverick!

Choleena this is in memory of you.  Because you have brought me so much joy I feel like I need to give back.  So I have rescued over 16 Catahoulas in memory of you.  16 for the years of Joy you had given me.  I will always love you and you will be forever in my heart.  May your wings take you where ever you may choose to go. UPDATE: I have decided to continue with Catahoula rescue the pictures above are just some the Catahoula we have adopted. You can find our Catahoula's for adoption on Catahoularescue.com. The Illinois Division of Catahoula rescue has adopted out over 200 Catahoula and Catahoula mixes in the last 2 1/2 years. Thank you for everyone who had supported Rescues by Adopting, Volunteering or Donating to them.

It is time to turn over a new page in my book of life.  I will no longer be doing Catahoula Rescue, I will instead be devoting my time and energy to my family who I LOVE dearly.