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Welcome to Tadita Naturally Raised Animals

Hi I am Michelle Libersher, I have always been an animal lover and somewhat of a Tom Boy. For as long as I can remember, I was always taking in stray and injured animals. At the age of eight I got into showing dogs, and horses. My Aunt lived on a farm and I would go stay there all summer and help out with farm chores and showing horses. My parents were not much into the farm life, so back at home I just showed my dog. When I was in my 20's I finally go myself  a horse. I dreamed someday I would have a farm of my own. 

That day came when I meant my Wonderful Husband Jeff. He is not much of a farm boy, but he helped me with my dream. We bought our property in 2005. This is where it began. At first it was just the horses, but then very suddenly my Morgan mare Misty passed away. I was distraught, I had her for 20 years and I could not bare the pain. I decided to sell my other young mare and get out of horses. So now we have 14 acres all fenced and no farm animals. I decided that now was the time to start my live stock farm. I wanted to get animals that would be easy to handle and would have a multi purpose. Our goal is to raise healthy animals with good conformation and a variety of color. Our Goats and Sheep are pasture raised, we feed them as much grass and hay as they would like. We have a free choice mineral system, where they have a choice of over 15 different minerals to choose from. We also do a free choice loose salt, apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, herbal wormers and garlic barrier. Our minerals come from Advance Biological Concepts. I try to treat everything  naturally, we will only go with traditional medicines when we have to. I use essential oils, herbs and Homeopathic remedies to treat ailments and for deworming. I do fecal tests to keep a good eye on there health and well being. 

We have two miniature Donkeys that help guard our flock from predators. We have mostly Registered ABGA Boer Goats, some full blooded and some percentages. Our Boer Buck is a Full Blooded Boer his registered name is  "Icy Hot", we call him Vulcan. He is a solid red buck out of Dappled - Spotted Buck "Ice Man". He has correct conformation, good size and an excellent temperament. We are looking forward to all the color we should get out of him, from our nice stock of Does. We also have Katahdin, Haired Sheep. All of our Katahdins are registered pure breed Katahdins. I find this breed fascinating. The idea of not having to shear sheep is wonderful. The Katahdins, are a nice size, not to big, not to small. They also can come in a variety of colors, which we have. Our current Katahdin Ram has a lot of color in his linage, so we are interested to see what we get.

We are not a  big farm, our goal is quality not quantity. We keep a close eye on everyone. I clean my barn twice a day and check everyone when I am out there. Most of our flock is friendly, because of the consistent interaction. I trim feet regularly and groom when needed. I hope you enjoy our website and our crew. We are looking forward to the years to come. If you are interested in anyone on our sight please let us know, we sometimes sell things that we do not have listed for sale. We are located in northern Illinois, so we are a reasonable drive for  people coming from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee,  Minnesota and Kansas.


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